Logographer, rhetorician and debater under commission.
Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
I am an high school student and an aspirant lawyer, whose main interest is persuasive communication. I've read a lot about the topic and became pretty good at writing and giving speeches in Italian. So I've made a business out of my passion and started writing under commission: people tell me what they are going to argue about and I write for them an exemplar speech in order to win their debate. I also love Latin literature, in particolar the late republican era, and am quite confident with the language. However, despite my passion for words, I study diligently every subject, even scientific, because I strongly believe that a man of culture must be an eclectic, to have a 360° knowledge and an open mind. In fact, I can program in 4 languages (C, C++, Java and Python) and am keen on mathematical models, especially the ones regarding game theory. Speaking of games, I also love playing chess, and participated in some school tournaments.
As you can see, I crave knowledge above everything else, so am enthusiastic about every new learning experience. Of course, if you want my advice, for what it can be worth it, do not exitate to text me!
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