Counseling. LOA Coach
Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A PT counselor who have also ventured into the mastery of law of attraction and aspects of psychology.

Since young, I discovered that I feel people’s aura on a much greater level than any others. Feeling what you’re feeling, hence a great listener when you need one.

Work in a corporate environment therefore the brain has always been trained to be sharp which sculptured my wisdom and ability to find solutions.

Being in the corporate world and absorbing all that energy, I notice how ENERGIES affect us, groom us, or doom us. To be able to live among so many different energies, (stress, anxiety, negativity); protecting our own energy is a needed skill, not a luxury.

A strong believer that life is made for joy.
And abundance is the answer to it.
Mental health is utmost important for an abundance life. Spent many years drilling it down which consists of body mind and soul.
Practiced it for 12 years. I’ve found real good answers that acts as quick fixes and in the long run, an abundance life.

Taking care of your mental health is just like taking care of your physical body; when you are hungry, you eat. If you don’t, you’ll starve.
Law of Attraction and counseling are my strong suits.

Poetry lover. Music lover.

Here to listen.
Here to share ❤️.
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Reviews from humans who have met with Chin
Justas Janauskas4 months ago
It was great to meet Chin, answered my questions and helped me to continue my journey!
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Curious about something?
If you want to learn more about something Chin might know, don't hesitate, just ask them to share an insight.
Money Magnet 1% of the population owns 80% of the world’s wealth. And the remaining owns 20%. And if we were to take the total money from the world population and divided equally, in a short period of time the money flows back to the 1%. Just like that. So what is it that this 1% population has that you do not have? Is it their wisdom, their ability? Have you also ever seen some people who has luck in getting money but never able to keep them? To attract money, and to make money stick to you are both very different things. Both equally important. Want to learn to be a money magnet, or simply learn a thing or two, feel free to hit the chat. 🌳
Law of Attraction It’s a common topic but only a handful practices it and a tiny group master it. 1. Ever wonder why some people seems to always get what they are asking for? 2. Ever wonder why you walk into a room and you feel a sudden wave of positive vibe? (And you feel so good) 3. Or as simple as meeting someone new and this person throws off a magnet that you simply can’t resist. Well my friends, Start being a magnet and your life will never be the same again.
Purpose of Life • Ever wondered why are you borned in this time and space? • Ever wondered what’s the point of having this life gifted to you? • Ever found your Life Purpose? 100% of the human population will ponder on the above at least once in their lifetime, the question is not when but will you find it early enough to make a difference in this life? If you’re still wondering whether you’ve found it, it means you haven’t and it’s okay. I have a simple yet straight up answer that defines differently for each individual, but once you see it; it might change your life forever.
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