Law of Attraction Coach
Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
A highly intuitive individual who has ventured into the mastery of law of attraction and aspects of psychology.

Since young, I discovered that I feel people’s aura on a much greater level than any others. Feeling what you’re feeling, hence a great listener when you need one.

Work in a corporate environment therefore the brain has always been trained in a totally different environment yet it has only given me much more coverage in terms of experience and depths.

I notice how Energies affect us, groom us, or doom us. To be able to live among so many different energies, (stress, anxiety, negativity); protecting our own energy is a needed skill, not a luxury.

Yet, so many of us succumbed into the expectation of others and the world. In this never-ending rat race, many are far from the actual life’s purpose.

Taking care of your mental health is just like taking care of your physical body; when you are hungry, you eat. If you don’t, you’ll starve.

After years of experiences and solution-finding, I’ve found real good answers that acts as great fixes and in the long run, an abundant life.

You can ask me about abundance, meditation, co-creating, intentional living, purpose of life.
Law of Attraction and counseling are my strong suits.

Poetry lover. Music lover.

Here to listen.
Here to share ❤️.
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Reviews from humans who have met with Chin
Justas Janauskas
11 months ago
It was great to meet Chin, answered my questions and helped me to continue my journey!
Great meeting Chin. She is very lovely to talk to, positive, encouraging. Was glad to share my insights with her 🤍
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