Intelligent Investing
Vilnius, Lithuania
For more than 20 years I've been investing in global equity markets. I am a portfolio manager and a partner at Prudentis (, Ltd., a value investing boutique. In 2018 I also joined a local start-up support community LitBan ( in Vilnius. I do have a natural interest in the search for value in the sense of successful investing, a psychology of finance, coding and tennis. I'm fluent in English, Russian and German, Lithuanian is my mother tongue. I am ready to discuss with you any topic in investing, I do even have an opinion on Bitcoin!
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Single topic talk online or with a cup of tea
Reviews from humans who have met with Gediminas
Paulius Ambrazevičius
almost 2 years ago
Gediminas wanted to know the current state of stand-up comedy in Lithuania and had some very precise questions and was well-prepared. I'm not sure why I'm writing this in English, but oh well.
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