Team Leader of Berta& I Communications expert
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Vilnius, Lithuania
I am a Team Leader in communication agency "Berta&". Human-centrism is the core of our philosophy because firstly we are human beings, and only then we do our roles as colleagues, employees, clients or partners. Our interconnection and relationships are based on equivalence, which is the only way we can enjoy our work and achieve the best results.

My main field of work include strategic consulting on public relations, media relations and placement, supporting brand development and marketing strategy, crisis management and internal communication. I am experienced in retail communications.

I emphasize gender equality in everyday life and work on empowering women. Therefore, I participate in mentorship programs and love to share my experience with others.

I choose to elaborate on:

✔️ leadership - leading your team, being a CEO and a woman-leader
✔️ communications - best way to emphasize your brand advantages and to cover your disadvantages
✔️ mentorship - how to find your path and enjoy it

Contact me and let’s have a talk! 📣
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