Co-founder of Nebegėda & Influencer of Self Care
Vilnius, Lithuania
I started my colorful career as an actress, later got involved in the show business world and tailored my acting experience to the likes of a TV show hostess. During the last few years, however, I turned my passion of sharing personal experiences, which often tend to be neglected and sugarcoated, into a full-time job via the roles of my radio TV show „Moterys kalba“ and a variety of social action projects, with my latest one being „Nebegėda“ - first Lithuanian website and a podcast about one's body, sex & relationships. Also I published a bestseller book - a memoir about growing up in 90s Lithuania, ‘Vyvenimas’.
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Reviews from humans who have met with Beata
Beata tikrai labai ikvepiantis zmogus, dalinasi savo izvalgomis atvirai, nuosirdziai isiklauso, uzduoda klausimu, kurie netyciom uzveda ant atsakymu. Labai smagu, kad autentiska gyvenimo buda ji liudija savo pavyzdziu ir duoda labai praktisku tipsu, kaip tai igyvendinti paciai. Aciu❤️
Alisa Bulybenko
over 2 years ago
Įvyko be galo šiltas, tikras ir prasmingas susitikimas. Esu labai dėkinga gavvusi tokių gerų įžvalgų, mano asmeninės situacijos įvertinimo. On top, Beata pasidalino su manim papildoma medžiaga, rekomendacijomis, kurios, esu tikra, man labai pravers. Ačiū! 🖤
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