Investment lawyer & adventurer
Vilnius, Lithuania
Interested how investment funds work? I can help you! Anything from how it works, what to avoid, where to look and all that other boring stuff. Have you already invested in a fund? No problem, with extensive experience working on biggest funds in the world we can check how your contribution is growing and what to expect in the future, anyway.. I got you covered!

Skiing/Hiking/Climbing/Bouldering and most the activities to do with mountains

For more than 25 years my dad took me across the globe to see some amazing stuff and I have learned a trick or two from him. If you think of planning your first or tenth trip I can still give you some cool insights how to maximize your time there and save a coin or two... or three.


Proud owner of a few bikes and some old old cars. I can share some moto driving techniques that I got from special driving courses, my experience with long travels and competition riding. Or perhaps you just want to blabber about restoring old cars/motorcycles, share the “secret” contacts that do wonders on machines or discuss the total DIY method.


Yeah.. we can discuss that too, have been trying out some cool spots around Europe and will share every bit of detail from those trips.
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Reviews from humans who have met with Ąžuolas
Alisa Bulybenko
over 1 year ago
It was my pleasure to meet Ąžuolas! We engaged in a deep conversation on how to turn ideas in projects which ended up being a super productive meeting. He was also a very pleasant and polite person to talk to and a very sophisticated human being. Only the best recommendations!
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