Cultural Historian, Writer, Lecturer @ VU
Vilnius, Lithuania
I am a cultural historian, with my sphere of interest residing within the theory of history, communicative and cultural memory, narrative processing in fiction and film and last, but definitely not least - memory studies.

Aside from my academic work, I highly enjoy putting pen to paper, and have written 9 history/culture-focused books to this day. Also, I am a host of a TV show „Istoriko teritorija“, which is a somewhat playful take on history and is dedicated to meeting and talking to people in a variety of fields, that in one way or another contribute, remember, tell or reconstruct history.
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30 min

A chat about history and culture over coffee
Reviews from humans who have met with Aurimas
Justas Janauskas
over 1 year ago
I am very bad in history. I thought, that I am missing a framework in my mind which could help me to interpret history with ease. Therefore I met Aurimas with this question and he gave me the answer I was looking for. Great meeting
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