Change in life does not come without change in choice. Big changes in life may cause a lot of stress and we tend to avoid that making compromises. This is not inherently wrong, stress is never good for you, but neither is avoiding change. Losing weight and improving your overall well-being is a perfect example of compromises with change. You have a very clear goal, but either make too many/wrong compromises or commit entirely and burn-out from stress. Here are some simple incremental compromises to increase your life quality and get healthier: 1. Avoid stress, everything malfunctions while we are stressed out. 2. Start intermittent fasting. Ease out to it, start with coffee with a teaspoon of butter/coconut/mct oil in the morning to stay satiated and skip lunch. That alone would be huge for your body and mental clarity. 3. Eat less processed foods. Choose high quality ingredients and make real food at home or eat out at places that do. 4. Exercise. Even 30mins a day, three times a week makes a huge difference, especially when done while fasting. 5. Break free of sugar/fructose addiction. This one is huge both in effort required and health/mental benefits once you do skip sweet foods.

Nerija SkvernelytėHead Of Marketing @Qoorio
Aurimas Šeputis great tips! Could you recommend some great places to eat in Vilnius, that prepare great quality food at reasonable pricing?
3 months ago
Aurimas ŠeputisSoftware Engineer @Qoorio
Nerija Skvernelytė can't really say. Preparing my own food most of the time with rare occasions of eating out for some steak/salad/fish.
3 months ago

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Monika Kuzminskaitė on Food & Eating PsychologyHealth psychologist, with special love for food and eating matters1 day ago
Article. Should you skip the breakfast if you are working on losing weight? Everyone keeps saying that, "eat the breakfast yourself" and so on. It is probably the longest surviving eating recommendation across last few decades. But a recent meta-research states that this is not correct - people who do not eat breakfast are losing the weight successfully. Actually, not that - losing weight is not related to the fact of eating breakfast. So if you are choosing to eat breakfast - because you want to, not because someone tells you to - make sure it is healthy and nutritious (like porridge, eggs or plain yoghurt), and not the confectionary array of pancakes, waffles or donuts. I had some soup for breakfast today. Article: Article: Photo : ponce_photography from Pixabay
Monika Kuzminskaitė on PsychologyHealth psychologist, with special love for food and eating matters4 days ago
A book I would like to recommend - ""Atomic habits". I've said it multiple times and will not stop repeating it - habits are the easy way into whatever healthier life you might imagine. The habits that have lead you into whatever health problems you have can be replaced by healthier habits, and this book teaches you one of the ways to do it. Habits are easy, habits are effortless - nothing that is habit is difficult, be it exercise, eating, paying attention, not paying attention, choosing - whatever. Once you stop feeding the wrong habits, and start feeding and growing the new ones, you'll be on your way to a better you. Good reading.

Andrew Lim Mao TungWindows System Admin with a passion to motivate and likes Technology.
Building Ideas Tip #1 Don’t look for a solution without understanding the problem. How big a problem are you trying to solve? How do you know it’s a problem for others? Who in particular needs this problem solved? Is it a problem people would pay to have solved for them? If you cannot answer these questions honestly then you aren’t ready to start thinking of solutions. This is always the hardest part for me - I come up with an idea I love - and am ready to throw myself into it - but I haven’t done the groundwork to validate if people really need what I’m offering. Sometimes the desire to build something is so strong it can cloud your judgement and prevent you from starting in the right direction. And every step you take becomes exponentially more expensive to take back. Don’t make this mistake - the more discipline your practice early on, the more leeway you’ll have later on.

Samar Fares
Very important! I’m in the process of understanding the real problem..and it’s challenging when you see many possibilities
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