Co founder & CMO of Aichom, Strategist & Partner at 4noons
Vilnius, Lithuania
I am a dreamer who always lands the ideas to the land. Extremely orientated to the result and communicative person in passion with innovations and new technologies. I have been in a relationships with marketing & communications in IT and banking sectors more than 15 years. This experience let me to see much more wider picture of the companies, understand business development procesess and indentify key drivers which move companies forward.

All of us want to be a part of the family, community or organization. Affiliation is hidden in our DNA. We seek to be loved and attract people around us. How? The only way to do that is to create and maintain sincere and honest relationships.

One-sided communication does not last, monologues come to an end - same applies to the brand. Build a story, identify the storytellers, spread it out and start building the dialogues that create the next chapter. Owe it, feed it, let it prosper – winning brand is open for ongoing change, transforming in the direction shaped by it’s key stakeholders – employees, customers, partners.
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