Mommypreneur | Product, Marketing manager & co-founder
Vilnius, Lithuania
I believe in technological advances as long as they are used properly and create greater value for our society. Throughout my career, I have worked with many IT projects, making sure that all the processes are optimized, and tasks are finished on time.

One of the latest positions in my career was working as a product manager at Allergomedica, an innovative solution to treating allergy. However, I always had a thought that I would help more people if I challenged myself more by creating my own product with the vision and mission I always wanted to pursue.

So, now I am a co-founder and a team lead of sport and wellness platform BreakingFit. My main responsibilities are managing the platform itself, writing articles, hosting a podcast, dealing with social media marketing and local partnerships, organizing events and other crazy stuff that are constantly happening when you’re trying to reach more people and businesses.

Furthermore I am mom of a beautiful girl Elžbieta, who is only 1 year old. And I can say that I’ve never been happier having such skills like good time management or having experience in dealing under stressful conditions, because raising a child and trying to be an example to her by giving something good to society require these skills and experiences everyday.
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