Family psychologist, lecturer, writer, talking a lot about self-care
Klaipėda, Lithuania
When I was fifteen, I decided to become a psichologist. Everybody said, that it is realy hard proffesion and I should think about it. But I believed in myself and my proffesion. I wanted to help people. I liked listening to people.
And now I believe in it and I think, that my mission is to help people to find their way and self-realization. And I can share how I searched and found my self-realization. What is helping me to listen to my heart.

Since 2008, I am national and international trainings lecturer. I worked with children, young adults, parents and teachers. I talked a lot about motivation, self-confidence, communication, stress and anxiety, Now I am interested in emotional eating, eating disorders and spirituality.

Writing is my magical place, where I can create what I want. So at this moment I am creating my third blog, where I share texts and stories about judging, controling, self-love and etc. If I want to create interesting story, sometimes I use different storytelling techniques.
I have written for different magazines, such as "Psichologija Tau", "Ji", "Edita" and for different portals:,,

I have realy young YouTube chanel Harmoningas gyvenimas, where I create videos about awareness in every day.
Also, I am planning to creat podcasts Harmoningo gyvenimo istorijos, where I will share my and my colleagues insights about spirituality.
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Urtė Karalaitė
about 1 year ago
Malonus, įdomus ir man taip pat naudingas susitikimas. Ačiū už pasitikėjimą ir vertingą dialogą❤️
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