Business Development Director, Biker, People Manager
Vilnius, Lithuania
About Me
As a professional, I am an experienced business developer and manager with a demonstrated history of working in the Insurance, FMCG, farming, and meat processing industries. I have done everything from strategic planning to marketing & forecasting, sales development & production and would be happy to share my knowledge with you.
Why Harley-Davidson?
I am a natural-born biker with 30 years of riding experience, and very few things can top the feeling of freedom once I sit on my bike and ride. It is romantic, idyllic, mind refreshing, and inspiring for new ideas. If you have ever ridden a bike, you must know that feeling but if you don’t try it and you will get your wings on.
I understand that every bike producing company has its pros and cons, and it might be a little subjective to pick the best company. I have started my bike riding journey from Jawa up to Harley Davidson that is always bin top of dream for me. Since year 2000 I’m on Harley-Davidson bikes which is obvious the best, and I would be glad to prove it to you.
How Safely Drive and have fun on the Bike?
Riding a bike its risky but if you do it properly and put as priority yours and other people's safety first, I’m sure you can have lots of fun. My riding experience I have shared in my book “Notes of Biker” (#baikeriouzrasai) which is dedicated for everyone who wants to ride bike safely and learn much more than you can expect from driving instructors. I am trying to break those ugly stereotypes that once you have got your driving license you know forever how to drive bike and you already “Biker”. Every year we have terrible statistics of fatal accident & this is basically coming from false of thinking and lack of driving skills. That is why I educate people on different philosophy, way of thinking, how to take care of safety before start the engine and of course teaching important riding skills of heavy motorcycles in the cities and long-distance tours.
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