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I am certified coacher. My experience and customer feedback show that coaching helps things happen. So if you feel stuck somewhere, you want to move forward faster or you need a pause in your life, let’s have a session.


I love working with people. People management is the hardest yet the most important thing in my work. I try to get to know how people feel, what motivates them, what are they best at and what I can do to help them unveil their potential. I admire seeing people grow.


I live by the saying “don’t be on time, be early”. I always try to deliver more than I promise, and before a deadline. Clients and colleagues say I am very detail-oriented, the work I do is always precise. Structured way of working helps me to focus on what is most important at the given time.

I always ask myself "What else I can do" - to solve a problem, to motivate the team, to deliver excellent quality, etc. I call that accountability.
Proactivity, initiative, excellence, reliability, personal growth, curiosity, openness – that is a few more of my key personal values that help me move forward every day.


Most of my hobbies are active – I love volleyball, hiking and riding my motorcycle.
When I want calmer activity – I learn new things about personal growth, consciousness, healthy life style etc.
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