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Lim Yien Yong on Personal growth and developmentLife enthusiast with an autotelic personality4 months ago
Have you heard of the First Principles Thinking? According to Elon Musk, he used the first principles thinking to design a cheap rocket from scratch, and re-use it by landing it back on earth, and with the same principles he revolutionized the electric car industry. Aristotle defined a first principles thinking as “the first basis from which a thing is known.” Here is how you can use this 3 simple steps of First Principles Thinking. ✅ Step 1: Identify and define your current assumption. Understand where you are standing currently should be the starting point. If you need to solve a problem, you need to think about the problem. This way you can have your problem defined and boundary set up. ✅ Step 2: Breakdown the problem into its fundamental principles. Fundamental principles means getting down to the rootcause of a thing, like back to the most basic elements of anything. The best way to uncover things to its basic is to ask question. You may wanna use the '5 Whys' approach, and if '5 Whys' is not enough to get you to the fundamental principles, add more 'whys'. ✅ Step 3: Build new solutions from scratch Once you have identified your problems and have broken them down into their basic truth, then you can begin to imagine new insights and turn them into solutions. Read more about this at:
First Principles: Elon Musk on the Power of Thinking for Yourself
Lim Yien Yong on Personal growth and developmentLife enthusiast with an autotelic personality4 months ago
Here is an interesting article I read recently which I want to share with you all. Learning about the differences between your "Thinking Mind" and "Observing Mind" can help you to negate negative thoughts and emotions during this very times.
Your Two Minds
Lina Kvizikevičiūtė on Working at the startupDigital Marketing | PPC | Google & Facebook ads spec3 months ago
What is a startup? Sometimes people raise a question why new business is not a startup and what defines a startup. The answer is easy. "Startup is a company designed to grow fast. Being newly founded does not in itself make a company a startup. The only essential thing is growth. For a company to grow really big, it must a) make something lots of people want, and b) reach and serve all those people." Paul Graham Read more on

Gabija GrušaitėAuthor of Stasys Šaltoka, Co-Founder of Qoorio & Vieta
Vaidas Urba I want to hear your story as well!
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