Audrius Janulis on TechnologyTech, Marketing, Comedy | Startups @ Google4 months ago
Software is eating the world. Zoom is now worth more than 7 biggest airlines combined. If you think this comparison is a bit odd, stop for a second and realize that airlines and video communication software are actually in an indirect competition. We all have attended a meeting that should have been an email and we probably also have been on a business-trip that could have been a video call. This is one of the best examples of dematerialization and how capitalism and technological progress is allowing humanity to do More from Less. If you want to know more about the topic I highly encourage you to read a book More from Less: The Surprising Story of How We Learned to Prosper Using Fewer Resources by Andrew McAfee. It’s a book full of optimism telling how as we get richer, we are using resources more efficiently, using less energy, causing less pollution and cleaning up the pollution of the past.

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Mangirdas Adomaitis on TechnologyArtificial inteligence, Data scienceabout 1 month ago
Tesla having sales problems in Europe. 1️⃣ Tesla Germany sales decreased to 5306 in 2020 from 6816 in 2019 same period. All EV sales grew 65% in 2020 vs 2019 in Germany! Overall Tesla EV market share is 8.7%, lagging after Volkswagen(38.3%), Renault(16.2%), Hyunday(12.0%). Source: 2️⃣ Other Europe markets shows similar trends. Tesla is sixth automaker by EV sales in Spain+Norway+Netherlands. Source: Will US/China sales compensate for loss in Europe? How Europe sales will affect stock price?
Mangirdas Adomaitis on TechnologyArtificial inteligence, Data science30 days ago
Will recent consumer e-commerce and digital behaviour hold? Or was it temporal? Shift to e-commerce has been accelerated by 5 years according to IBM research! There are early indications current shift to online spending will become new norm. Furthermore, IBM estimates e-commerce growth increased from 13% yearly to 20% yearly growth in the long term 🚀 What about your predictions?
IBM’s 2020 U.S. Retail Index Shows Rapid Acceleration of Retail Trends
Mangirdas Adomaitis on TechnologyArtificial inteligence, Data scienceabout 1 month ago
Tesla announces 1 for 5 stock split. Stock price jumps +6% same day, +14% after couple days. Tech companies increases market capitalization just by splitting their stock..

Justinas MačiulisHead of Legal & Finance at Qoorio
I think this is mainly “dedicated” to retail investors using eToro, Robinhood, Revolut and similar trading platforms. Both Tesla and Apple justify their move to split the shares as to make them “more affordable” for retail investors. This should probably reduce the friction to buy/hold at least one stock for those who are not cash heavy and further inflate the bubble. I wouldn’t be surprised if institutional investors will soon unload their holdings onto novice traders/investors :)
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