Audrius Janulis on MarketingTech, Marketing, Comedy | Startups @ Google3 months ago
The button is too red. This little story somehow stuck in my head and shaped a lot the way I try to communicate at work especially when delegating. It happened early in my career when we were creating a website for a telco brand. Brand manager of a telco brand said to the developer: - This button is too red. Developer responded: - Don’t tell me that. Tell me which color it suppose to be instead. Stating what needs to be done instead of what is wrong is harder because you need to make the call, but that’s one way to make sure the problem is fixed. More tips on business writing:

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Dominyka Venciūtė on MARKETINGPersonal Branding & LinkedIn Consultant | Marketer | Educator3 months ago
Marketing vs. Advertising vs. Branding vs. Public Relations Even though are many sophisticated definitions to explain each of these concepts and the differences among them, here’s one of the best (and simplest!) comparisons I came across. Author: Marty Neumeier, "The Brand Gap"
Dominyka Venciūtė on MARKETINGPersonal Branding & LinkedIn Consultant | Marketer | Educator2 months ago
If I had to name one global brand that undoubtedly excels in marketing and communications, that would be Burger King. Their campaigns in different parts of the world never stop amazing me. Here’s a new one from Burger King Israel. During this period of the year the brand knew it would find its target audience at the beach. Thus, this is a special towel to help BK fans to navigate physical distancing and enjoy the beach like Kings (with burgers of course). Credit: Down the Field Agency
Audrius Janulis on MarketingTech, Marketing, Comedy | Startups @ Google9 days ago
Advertising is, and has always been, beautifully simple. Be bold and don’t be shy about bringing your unique brand to life by making people smile and laugh. From alien Smash martians to Russian-speaking meerkats, the most powerful creative has always been made of the stuff that doesn’t entirely make sense, and always will be. What was the last ad that made you smile? For me it was and ad for Waze Full article:
Even in tough times, consumers want ads that make them laugh – so why are there now so few?
Dominyka Venciūtė on MARKETINGPersonal Branding & LinkedIn Consultant | Marketer | Educator3 months ago
Woke up still being tired and remembered one of those ads where no in-depth explanation is needed. So simple, yet so straight to the point – McDonald's billboard ad addressing how to combat tiredness. Have a productive day everyone! Credit: McDonald’s (Germany) | Leo’s Thjnk Tank
Audrius Janulis on MarketingTech, Marketing, Comedy | Startups @ Google3 months ago
Good negotiators know one should flinch and always react with surprise and shock to any proposals of the other side.
Dominyka Venciūtė on MARKETINGPersonal Branding & LinkedIn Consultant | Marketer | Educator3 months ago
What are famous companies really about? Swedish graphic designer Viktor Hertz started his project "Honest Logos" back in 2011. Check out his version on the actual content and meaning of different companies.
29 Honest Logos Of Famous Companies
Here’s a fun one - Ever noticed similarities between gaming and marketing? 🤔 Well, not hardcore gaming, but have you ever played minesweeper as a child? It reminds me of when you just start marketing: 1️⃣ At first you start with a field full of mines and opportunities and you need to uncover some areas that can be built on - square after square. Otherwise it takes a lot of guesswork to proceed. But if you get stuck, then you need to search for multiple uncovered areas and see how they combine. 2️⃣ Then you start to see patterns how numbers connect - like mini structures. When you do so - you gain a lot of speed in the gameplay. 3️⃣ And as you succeed - you want to up your level with more obstacles and wider opportunities! 💡 Likewise is in marketing - get something to start from, your initial data and learnings and just build on it! When stuck - do tests and see what results they bring to the whole picture. And if u get a mine - learn where your calculations were wrong and just start over ☺️

Justas JanauskasCEO @ Qoorio
Looking forward to reading more of your learnings! 🦀
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Justė Jonutytė on Art marketContemporary Art Market Expert; Founder @TemaProjects & @OurTravelAffair3 months ago
Yesterday I attended my first ever virtual art fair. Over 200 selected galleries set up their virtual 'booths' for the first virtual edition of Frieze New York, which opened for arts professionals and collectors on May 6th, and will launch to the public later today. While the virtual fair experience did not fully replace the experience of attending the physical art fair for me (I missed professional meetings, public and parallel programmes of the fair, and the experience of physically seeing the works, to name just a few ), I found many advantages of the virtual edition. Here are some of my top ones: • MARKET TRANSPARENCY - unlike in the physical art fair, all the prices of the artworks are readily available without having to inquire, which can be an invaluable resource for emerging collectors just starting to navigate the art market. • EFFECTIVE SEARCH CAPABILITY - as an emerging collector, you may, for example, start your search for works with a price bracket for under $10K, or explore artworks in your favourite medium (say, photography or installation), simply saving so much time. • EXTENDED DURATION OF THE FAIR- private & public preview combined, the virtual fair will last for 10 days, about twice the duration of a physical art fair, giving the opportunity for longer research and extra time to come back to the works and make a more informed decision on what to purchase. Not to mention all the time and money we're saving as we don't need to fly and stay in New York for several days. Register for Frieze online viewing room and let me know what's your experience of attending the virtual art fair!
How Frieze New York's Online-Only Edition Signals the Future of Fairs - Galerie
Justė Jonutytė on Art marketContemporary Art Market Expert; Founder @TemaProjects & @OurTravelAffair21 days ago
Justas from Qoorio asked me a question: “Hi Juste, I trust your taste in contemporary art and I would love to get your recommendation. I am looking for a piece of art for my office. I am thinking of 1..2m x 0.5..1.5m size, €5k-€10k price range, made by a young, contemporary artist, can be local or not. What names/links would you suggest to look at?” 👌Justai, thank you for your question. In fact, the question ‘How do I go about acquiring my first artwork’ is the most common question I get. There are many reasons why people don’t feel too confident when searching for an artwork for their home, or, as in your case, your office. 🤔 Some of these reasons have to do with the supposed lack of knowledge in the field of contemporary art (although I personally think that’s more of a myth). Others have to do more with the question of value: how do I make sure the artwork I buy will not go down in its value over the years so I don’t lose the money I invested. I recommned to first think about these aspects when choosing the right work for your office (or home), and only afterwards consider which artists to concentrate on based on your answers: 1. What do I want the work to symbolize for me?✨ If you are looking for an artwork for your office, likely you will spend dozens of hours every week in front of it. What core values or memories do you want the work to remind you of? Do you want it to symbolize ambition, innovation or creativity to boost your drive? Do you want it to create you a moment of relaxation or fantasy for your otherwise highly concentrated day? For example, if ‘future’ is one of the most relevant topics for you, perhaps you don’t even want a two-dimensional painting, but rather a 3-dimensional hologram which better reflects your values? 2. What do I want the work to symbolize for my colleagues/partners/clients? 🏙 If you are looking for an artwork for your office, the work will likely become a central piece of attention to anyone who comes in and visit your work place – whether your colleagues or your clients. What do you want the artwork to say about you and your product/service to every visitor? Do you want it to strengthen your status as an expert in your field, to give the impression of you/your product as a reputable, innovative or creative person/product? For example, if ‘sustainability’ is the main keyword for your business, how do you pick an artwork that speaks of sustainability to everyone who comes into your office? 🌀Last but not least, I suggest to take into consideration such aspects as the market value of the work, the artist’s career and demand of their work, the seller’s reputation (whether you decide to buy at a gallery, auction house or elsewhere). ✅ Finally, to answer your question more specifically, some young generation Lithuanian artists who are internationally active at the moment and whose works have a good international market demand and can be within the price range you provided : Rute Merk, Pakui Hardware, Indrė Šerpytytė, Augustas Serapinas, Lina Lapelyte, Andrius Zakarauskas, Emilija Škarnulytė and some others. You can also look up some international young yet respected artists too within the price range you gave me: Ragna Bley, Athena Papadopoulos, Evgeny Antufiev and Louisa Gagliardi, Jesse Darling, Zoe Paul and many others. You can look up sites such as Artsy, Contemporary Art Daily, Artnet and others to disocver more artists. I hope this will give you a good start, and if you have more questions, ❇️next Thursday, July 30th at 8 pm (LT time) ❇️ I will be doing an Instagram live session (in Lithuanian) on how to pick your first artwork (on my @temaprojects IG account) and you are welcome to ask me further questions there, or in the comments section of this Qoorio post. 📸 Works by Rute Merk in New York’s gallery Downs& Ross

Lina LinkeviciuteTheatre Director [email protected] Paintings/Luxury Business Professional
This is a deep subject :) my grandmother liked to collect the pieces of art and our home was full of super quality artworks but I was feeling all the depression behind them, of course not every person can be affected by it, once my mother changed the whole artworks, and it was such a relief. So it can be the most expensive, the most beautiful artwork in the world but I would check the energetic and it will depend if I put it somewhere in the special room or where I am all the time :)
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Karolis Antanas Stankevičius on Digital / Performance MarketingPerformance Marketing Manager @Kilo Health / ex MM @Filippo Loreti & @Wolt3 months ago
Don’t trust the gut feeling in marketing. Trust only test results with a significant amount of data. That is probably the most important thing that I have learned working with performance marketing. Often marketers or business owners just THINK that this web, offer, ad, or product SHOULD work and they are considering just this one option to be communicated to their target audience. But why take guesses when data can tell what REALLY clicks with our target audience? Therefore marketers must test everything and take nothing for granted - landing page experience, offer, ad, and product. Only this way we can achieve incrementally better results every day by testing and using elements that won tests. Wanna learn more about that? Let’s talk.
Ng Ke Ning on Know the marketForex Trader | Introducer Broker3 months ago
Knowledge: Forex Factory Here’s the link: Forex Factory is designed for professional traders participating in the foreign exchange markets. Its mission is to connect traders — to the markets and to each other — in ways that positively influence their trading results. The ideal is that every trader comes away from every visit with fresh ideas, more knowledge, and keen market awareness.
Kotryna Kurt on Digital MarketingPersonal Branding / LinkedIn Ads & Marketingabout 2 months ago
🎯 Often people ask what kind of tools we are using when we work with our clients, so here a few worth mentioning: SHIELD INTELLIGENCE - tool our clients use to check their analytics, track their performance and improvements. It is a great tool for any individual or a team who wants to manage their LinkedIn performance. Whatagraph - a tool we use for reporting. Hands down the best and the most user-friendly tool which can help you to generate Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads many more other reports. Trello - we use it for managing our client projects and staying up to date with our priorities. Canva - we are using it to adjust some of our client content and create new pieces of content in the most simple and easy way. - social selling automation tool - I have not used it too much, but as from what I have seen so far, I would recommend it. Buffer - a tool we once in awhile use for client post scheduling. There are some small things which we think could work better in regards to posting, but it does the job! 🤔What are your favorite tools you work with daily? Share them in the comments!

Justas JanauskasCEO @ Qoorio
Gmail, Hangouts & Vieta
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Darius Jokubaitis on Digital marketingDigital marketing strategist 🔥 | cmo @ attention insight | BD @ nbranded2 months ago
Hi linkedin, you look awesome!

Darius JokubaitisDigital marketing strategist 🔥 | cmo @ attention insight | BD @ nbranded
Damn, wrong club. Ok...let's try something from menu!
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Karolis Rimkus on Digital Marketing strategyCEO @ Caption, a Social Media Marketing Agency2 months ago
Spending budgets to gain followers on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn is A WASTE OF MONEY! These are the common replies from marketing managers we hear, when we ask "why?" 🗣️ My boss wants it. In these cases, we equip our clients with arguments and support them in convincing their teams. 🗣️ We need to beat competitors. Define "to beat". I'm sure you want leads, better top of mind, NPS or whatever metrics that correlate with business results. 🗣️ More followers - more organic reach, right? Almost. See, if a follower costs you 0.5€ and 1000 impressions (CPM) also costs the same, you can reach the same person a 1000 times. Impossible even with the best organic reach. >>> There are always exceptions. <<< No. of followers is a plausible KPI: 📌 When you're a wholesaler. Your clients may think "their competitors seem to have a more popular brand, so we'll have an easier time selling their products" 📌 When you are planning to sell the account as an asset to the business itself. Your buyer might find vanity metrics important. In most cases, new followers should be a side effect of your other KPIs, rather than the main one. Please forward this to whoever on your team thinks otherwise and let's save marketing 😄

Gabija GrušaitėAuthor of Stasys Šaltoka, Co-Founder of Qoorio & Vieta
So true! After reading Forbes story on alleged Kylie Jenner scam, I was thinking that monetizing followers has always been an unsustainable business model long term.
Justė Jonutytė on Art marketContemporary Art Market Expert; Founder @TemaProjects & @OurTravelAffair3 months ago
While I am no fan of virtual exhibition and museum tours as the experience of seeing works live still largely beats that of virtual viewing, video art is one of the few exceptions. That's why I was so excited to hear that Julia Stoschek collection, one of the world’s most comprehensive private collections of time-based art, has just announced its plans to put online over 860 works by 282 artists for free and without any restrictions. Happy watching and please share your highlights with me!
Julia Stoschek presents her media art collection online - Announcements - e-flux
Karolis Rimkus on Digital Marketing strategyCEO @ Caption, a Social Media Marketing Agency20 days ago
This is what Marketers and Salespeople were waiting for: You can now see the EXACT PEOPLE WHO FOLLOWED your company page on LinkedIn! 🎉 This is a new way to identify warmer leads and it's A M A Z I N G. Page followers are more accustomed to what your company does and have shown intent to hear more about your products or services. 📌 Get in touch with 1st level connections who have followed your page 📌 Connect with 2nd level connections 📌 Get more insights about what kind of people are interested in your company HOW TO ACCESS: If you're the admin of the page, click ANALYTICS, then FOLLOWERS, scroll down and you'll see the list.
Karolis Rimkus on Digital Marketing strategyCEO @ Caption, a Social Media Marketing Agency25 days ago
A cookie is a cookie, no matter how many more you have left, right?  Well, apparently not.  Here's where scarcity comes into play 👉 Participants in a consumer preference study were given a chocolate-chip cookie from a jar and asked to taste and rate its quality.  🍪 For half of the raters, the jar contained ten cookies; for the other half, it contained just two. 🍪 When the cookie was one of the only two available, it was rated more favorably than when it was one of ten.  🍪 The cookie in short supply was rated as more desirable to eat in the future, more attractive as a consumer item, and more costly than the identical cookie in abundant supply. So all those "limited edition" and "last one left" products don't just sell better, they also leave the customer more satisfied. Sounds like a win-win.  ❓ How do you feel about applying scarcity in marketing?  

Povilas GodliauskasFounder & Coach @
Speaking in evolutionary terms, the brain 'thinks' that if something is supposedly scarce or rare, therefore, it is valuable and somehow important for survival. I would also add that it's one more tactic to trick people into buying something they do not necessarily need or want. Although I agree with Mangirdas, I am not sure how much morality is in scarcity or related types of marketing.
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Lina Kvizikevičiūtė on Digital marketing / Performance campaignsDigital Marketing | PPC | Google & Facebook ads spec3 months ago
LinkedIn ads. Should I give it a try? 🤔 I used to launch LinkedIn ads quite a lot, but working in-house (or in a client side as people from the agencies used to say) gave me a new perspective. I started from new page again. So what should you know about LinkedIn ads before testing them out? 🔸LinkedIn is a great platform to reach professionals. You can target them by their company size, company industry, job title, job experience, education, etc. 🔸However, such specific targeting comes with a price. Usually CPC is much higher that on the other platforms. This is why budget on LinkedIn is important to keep. Experts advise to have a certain budget for testing the platform (200-300€) and then after measuring results, you can decide to stay there or to move. 🔸LinkedIn ads are NOT that localised. If your content, website, visual are not from the official LinkedIn languages, it will be banned. LinkedIn ads hackers say you can try to reupload it for manual review and get it approved after many times but imho it is a grey area. Consider this before launching ads. In my experience, this point gets people disappointed. What have I learned when I have launched LinkedIn ads recently? Not all markets are ready for LinkedIn advertising. Once in Lithuania, it was easy-breezy. It got a real struggle in Estonia. Leads did not understand that they left their contact details. I got some interesting requests from marketers in Estonia as well. They've never seen LinkedIn ads in action before so asked me how to launch them🤯 What was obvious for me as a marketer, brought me back to a starting point again.
Lina Kvizikevičiūtė on Digital marketing / Performance campaignsDigital Marketing | PPC | Google & Facebook ads spec2 months ago
Last week Ubersuggest released Google chrome extension. I started using it and instantly noticed interesting things such as monthly searches, CPC of the query, backlinks and even more (not print screened). So far it works for big markets as prices are in dollars, but it gives nice data for consideration whether SEO or PPC efforts should be assigned for specific query. As the extension is free, I highly recommend to install it even just for fun 💭
Karolis Rimkus on Digital Marketing strategyCEO @ Caption, a Social Media Marketing Agency23 days ago
This is the FIRST photo uploaded on Instagram ever - almost exactly 10 YEARS AGO. Can you guess the caption? It's what we all write when we try something online for the first time: "test" 😄
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