Audrius Janulis on TechnologyTech, Marketing, Comedy | Startups @ Google3 months ago
Software is eating the world. Zoom is now worth more than 7 biggest airlines combined. If you think this comparison is a bit odd, stop for a second and realize that airlines and video communication software are actually in an indirect competition. We all have attended a meeting that should have been an email and we probably also have been on a business-trip that could have been a video call. This is one of the best examples of dematerialization and how capitalism and technological progress is allowing humanity to do More from Less. If you want to know more about the topic I highly encourage you to read a book More from Less: The Surprising Story of How We Learned to Prosper Using Fewer Resources by Andrew McAfee. It’s a book full of optimism telling how as we get richer, we are using resources more efficiently, using less energy, causing less pollution and cleaning up the pollution of the past.
Audrius Janulis on MarketingTech, Marketing, Comedy | Startups @ Google3 months ago
The button is too red. This little story somehow stuck in my head and shaped a lot the way I try to communicate at work especially when delegating. It happened early in my career when we were creating a website for a telco brand. Brand manager of a telco brand said to the developer: - This button is too red. Developer responded: - Don’t tell me that. Tell me which color it suppose to be instead. Stating what needs to be done instead of what is wrong is harder because you need to make the call, but that’s one way to make sure the problem is fixed. More tips on business writing:
Enjoyed the converstation a lot. Fun and bright person with a heavy artillery of helpful insights. Bunch of thanks!
Very polite
Great talking about Startup Investing. I hope we will have a chance to catch up again and go deeper on the topic of User Acquisition Strategies.
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We had a great time! Very happy I got to know Audrius.
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Deep conversation
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