UI/UX designer, social dancer
Vilnius, Lithuania
For last 5 years, I am specializing and working as a UX/UI designer.🔬⚒I am mainly focusing on mobile applications and web design. I pay a lot of attention to the User Experience 🗺 because I believe that no matter how nice the user interface is - product loses its value and most likely to fail without a good UX. 🔑
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5% donated to Lithuanian Children's Cancer Association "Paguoda"
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30 min

Ask me anything about Social dance
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30 min

Ask me anything about Dancly
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45 min

How to change your career to UX/UI designer
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Private UX/UI lesson
Reviews from humans who have met with Audrius
Judita Andrianova
about 2 months ago
Inspiring conversation that brings the fundamentals of UX/UI design, desribes the overview of this area, gives all resources for the good start. Definately, not a boring, fun and friendly meeting with an empathy. Thanks!
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