Reviews from humans who have met with Atėnė Strazdas Drozdaitė
Lina Linkeviciute
5 months ago
I chose a paid option « How to learn Languages faster » with Atėnė and it was an amazing experience. She transmitted me her own tips, tools and super ideas in vocal and written format. In one hour I got a huge amount of information and very positive inspiration! All my recommendations!!!
Justas Janauskas
5 months ago
Excellent knowledge of interior architecture, Atėnė helped me with her insights.
Thomas Desimpel
7 months ago
Enjoyed the conversation!
Andrius Janauskas
8 months ago
Had great conversation with Atėnė - shes keen to learn and open minded person.
Dovaine Juciute
8 months ago
Labai maloni ir smalsi mergina ✨
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