Atėnė Strazdas DrozdaitėInterior designer/Survivor/Thinker/Forever learning/ Enthusiast
I take advantage of this opportunity to share Video insights with you, Qoorious community, and talk not only with words, but via pictures and videos to convey one of my biggest values - Nature 💚 Please, BE CAREFUL ABOUT THE SOUND! Most of us don't even realise how loud it actually is when you're living high!🙉 Keep that in mind when choosing to live in a skyscraper 🏙 There are no obstacles or barriers to stop the sound coming from streets and other people living nearby. It's multiplied and living high becomes extremely noisy...

Rūta SimanaitytėMaster’s degree 👩🏻‍🔬| Working in 👩🏻‍💻| Ultimate 🐕 ❤️
Is it noisy or too noisy? 😅 Very beautiful view ☁️
29 days ago
Atėnė Strazdas DrozdaitėInterior designer/Survivor/Thinker/Forever learning/ Enthusiast
The view is fascinating 🤗 I am trying not to explode Qoorio with far too many photos and videos I have captured while seeing the sky. And yes...unfortunately, it's too noisy...😔
29 days ago

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Have a lot of thoughts buzzing in the head, but feel crap at articulating them to your team or others? I feel you. It happens to me. ALL.THE.TIME! 🙄 You feel like you have a lot of ideas and have the reasoning why they are great and that you can take over the world with them. But when they come out of your mouth, what you say doesn’t have the same power when you vocalize them. And unfortunately what sounds great in your head just doesn’t translate to anything valuable, impressive or inspiring to your team. Not all of us are born great orators, but when we have a passion, we can talk hours about it. Meaning, we have a bunch of words and sentences around the topic, but the key is to concentrate the most valuable part of the whole idea into a short pitch. So…what to do? Basically you have to practice explaining things to people. Here’s a few tips I from my experience, that I feel helped me a lot: 1️⃣ TREAT IT LIKE A STORY “It all started, when…” Not everyone operates on the same level of information as you do, so even if it feels stupid and common sense most of the time when working in a team, start with giving a back story to why your topic/suggestion/idea is important. This introduction is a great way for you to keep the flow of your talk, have everyone onboard and not jump into the middle of the story where context might get lost for people that have less information about what you are telling. 2️⃣ HAVE A PLAN Have the end goal in your head, where you want the listeners to be taken to by your story. Even if what you will be telling or discussing goes all different directions, you will have this powerful lighthouse - the main point that you want to conclude to. 3️⃣ BE PREPARED if you have time, let’s say - have a meeting about something - do some research and challenge your idea asking WHY it is important to discuss and HOW it could be perceived different than you think. In that case - you will feel solid if you get these questions, will express your opinion more firmly, taking possible doubts into consideration, and increase the chance that conclusions will be made as you expected. 4️⃣ MAKE IT FLOW Thoughts usually are very chaotic. In our heads, they are random keywords which you roughly know how to combine into this huge concept. Try putting your thoughts into text. When you do this exercise, you will be faced with a challenge of construction - have to write it down so that it has structure, flows nicely and makes sense in general. After doing so, you will have the structure in your head: what is starts from, why it matters, how you propose to approach it and what value will this idea bring to listeners. 🙃 P.S. See what I did here? I think Qoorio insights are a great way to start practising structuring your talks and inspiring your team 😉
Aerin May on When Passion And Talent MergePoetry | Storytelling
“Some people talk about others, some about events and actualities, whilst others talk about ideas. As for you, you’re a genius.” As he was telling me all this, my response came quite naturally: “I’m no genius, at all.” His words were nothing more and nothing less than a lovers’ language. Then, he told me the following: “not many people have got what you have. A distinct, undeniable passion and talent.” I let these words all time and space to sink in, deeply. He was absolutely right. Why am I searching any further whilst the answer has always been there, right in front of me, to grab? The fact I do have a passion as burning, is something I’ll never take for granted.
Markus Seppam on Books that have influenced my life the mostPerformance Marketing Specialist | Google and FB ads
Most of my teenage years I used to be super shy with no self confidence at all. I remember having a mindset: “I will not start a conversation myself and only start speaking when someone asks me something or starts talking with me” I had a terrible fixed mindset and thought I will always be like this. Looking back at what helped me to crawl out of this hole, there were many things, but what layed the foundation was books on self development. I still remember so vividly how I went to the library and borrowed my first book which was called “Self-confidence”. After finishing that one book, I gained a whole new perspective and realized “wow, I can actually learn how to be better at social situations”. Ever since reading that first book, I have been an avid reader, always trying to improve myself on every aspect of life, whether it is social, mental, financial, physical - you name it. There is just so much wisdom in books that can improve your life. So my idea for you - if you have a teenage relative, friend, siblings etc. Gift them a book on personal development - my recommendation: D. Carnegie - “How to win friends and influence people”. Best case scenario is that you may change their life forever, worst case scenario is that they won’t read it :)

Gabrielė Galkutė|Philologist working in techology field| |interested into spirituality|
Love that!!! Thank you for sharing your expierence! ❤️
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