Sedona method practitioner, digital marketer, music lover
Vilnius, Lithuania
Sedona Method

What we can do/ experience / achieve is limited by our beliefs to a way greater extent than the physical world around us. So Sedona Method is a great practice to order your mind and get way more positive experiences out of your daily life. Without having to give up or radically change anything in it. I am not a guru, but a regular girl who leads a dynamic lifestyle that benefits a lot from good coping and reflection mechanisms.

That leads to...

Digital marketing

I have entered the field back in 2013 when I helped advertising agencies to know their digital audiences and plan campaigns in digital media. By now I have moved into performance marketing, which is a challenge in a multidude of ways - 0 budget campaigns, global cooperations (from morning discussions with Korean partners to end of the day negotiations with Canadians) and tough ethical decisions.

Making life changes

Back in 2018 I got to my life in 3 different countries. I left Amsterdam after 2 years there to finish my MSc thesis on Democratic backsliding in CEE back in Vilnius. Instead of doing that I was helping a friend chase VCs to fund her startup. If you're a cyclist, go and check out Cycligo. Finally, got invited by an ex colleague to join a performance marketing company in Barcelona - a decision which I had to make and execute in 2 weeks.

So trying, failing, experimenting and taking a leap of faith from time to time are topics definitely worth covering. Yet, it all boils down to keeping your head straight in the process.
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