Nutrition specialist, lecturer, public speaker, biomedical sciences phd
Kaunas, Lithuania
Professional sport and science are the main domains that are together with me during all my life. Biomedical science gives me a better understanding and an opportunity to look into difficult sports physiology processes from a simplier perspective. My major task is to explain these processes and to motivate people to find the better quality of life. My passion is inspiring and motivating people, especially during public lectures and seminars at the universities, companies, sport federations, schools and various health events. Furthermore, I work with different kind of companies and create health strategies for their eployees. I also implement biomedical scientific projects by working with the highest level prefessionals at the Lithuanian Sports University. In my job I seek for the highest level of professionality.

My main working areas:

1. Preparation of nutrition plans as health and nutrition specialist (menu for different sports and health purposes)
• Sports performance;
• Healthy lifestyle;
• Weight management.

2. Lectures on nutrition and sports topics (In schools, universities, companies, health and sports events etc.).

3. Preparation of sport programs.
4. Training and seminars for personal trainers.
5. Consultations on various sports science topics as much as my personal knowledge lets me.

There are so many nutrition strategies in the world, so that the sports science is necessary to choose wisely. Opportunity to help people is great, but an ability to do that is amazing.
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