Chef/Co-founder @City Chef Barbecue @Casa Peligroso // Founder @Le Deficit
Vilnius, Lithuania
My name is Arturas, and I have been working as a chef for more than ten years now. I’ve always been passionate about food and its serving, so it was not that hard to decide in which field I would love to see myself. Well, I tried to study Information Technologies, but soon I found out, that surely I do not belong in this sphere. After quitting my studies, I immigrated to the Ireland, where I applied for a job in a local restaurant and once and for all I knew, that this was the right path for me. This is how my successful working career started, and currently, I am working in Vilnius at City Chef Barbecue restaurant (co-owner) and couldn’t be happier about it. Also, I am a member of the National Chef team, and I have several awards. In 2014, I won the silver medal at the Baltic Culinary Contest and silver medal at Luxembourg culinary world cup. In 2016 – the bronze medal at IKA Culinary Olympic. In 2018 - the gold medal at Girotonno Tuna Championship. To sum up, I live for these moments where my customers get to taste the best dishes in the country.


If you want to get into the world of the food market but do not know how to do it, I think I can help you. In my personal experience, making your first steps can be pretty scary, but I am here to help and encourage you. Did you know that chefs are not only good food makers but also communicative companions?
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Sharing my knowledge over walking.
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