Music Producer, Songwriter, Rapper, Sound Engineer, Artist, Founder and Member of SADBOI
Vilnius, Lithuania
After my sound engineering studies at LMTA, I started to produce my own songs and work in the music industry. I always wanted to express my thoughts and share valuable messages through music. I feel that every artist (and person, for that matter) wants to be heard, so I also feel the responsibility to listen. Today, people recognize me as a founder of and member of SADBOI, a band that reflects the ideas and struggles of young people.

I’m best known for my music production works such as:
• Jurga - Dance/Bro/No pain no gain
• Vidas Bareikis - Pusvalandukas/Nervai
• Sillycut - Endless
• Sadboi - Mohito/Sorry/Deginam
• Linas Adomaitis - išdalink save(Artee remix)
And many more...

I also work as a FOH, mixing/ mastering engineer.
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