Trailblazer of Bar Businesses, Event planner, Traveler, Active Sports Lover
Vilnius, Lithuania
Risky projects is what drives me the most. Think of the first beach bar in Lithuania 10 years ago, think of the revival an absolutely dull cafe in Vilnius Vingis park, think of a catering business in Tenerife – many would think that these ideas are total nonsense. Time and time again, I’d heard comments that smart people wouldn’t do what I did. But sports I’ve been taking for many years – trail and long-distance running, Kyokushin karate, basketball – have built my character and I was determined to reach my goals – trusting in myself. Sometimes I didn’t think what was going to happen next. If it were not for sports, I might have not taken up such adventures. All of my businesses were born from sheer interest. However confidence and braveness were not enough – I had to be ready for huge investments, unbearable tension and enormous efforts. The qualities I’ve acquired thanks to sport – hard work, persistence, willingness to put effort and infinite patience – helped me to build successful businesses and gain priceless experience that I can share with you today.
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