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Creative Director & Copywriter
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Vilnius, Lithuania
For the last 10+ years or so, my eyes has been set on creative direction and copywriting. But, overall, I'm a storyteller. People get hooked by stories, and my job is to create one for any brand that needs it.

My background in literature brings me very close to writing, but stories are not necessarily told with words. In my area of practice - advertising - most of the time a successful story is accomplished through actions, using several different media, traditional and non-traditional, which makes people understand what a brand is about.

I'd gladly bestow you with my knowledge and generous experience, regarding advertising industry, award-winning copy, creative communication solutions, and oh, a thing not to be forgotten, living in a foreign land of Lithuania albeit being born in the balmy coast of Peru.
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1 h

Coffee talk: Creativity processes and challenges.
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1 h

Creative portfolio review over coffee.
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30 min

Ask me anything over a cup of coffee
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