Antanas Bernatonis on Designing the impossible ListHead of Business Development @Montonio |Fintech|POS|B2BSales|BD20 days ago
Couple of weeks ago Justas Janauskas asked: “Antanai, it’s impressive to see how much you have achieved at your age. Tell me how you see your life in 10 years, and what is the secret of your professional success? “ First of all, thank you Justas for recognising! Much appreciated 🙂 For starters I would like to replace the word “Achieved” to “Experienced”. To be honest, I achieved almost nothing: I’m not a founder of 9-digit company yet, I haven’t started world-wide movement, I did not win any global competition or award. BUT I have experienced a lot. Ever since I have started my career in business at the age of 15, my goal was to learn, live and be through happiness. And experiences are exactly what allows you to be in the constant feeling of joy. 🔹That’s why being a teenager I was voluntarily going different tech companies for unpaid internships (Total of 5 internships in Lithuania and US until graduating from high school). 🔹That’s why when living in the countryside I have participated in scary competitions of public speaking/economy/entrepreneurship, challenged students from the best schools in Lithuania and won those competitions. 🔹That’s why I remained helping people and startups (up to date I was mentoring and lecturing at 30+ events), even thou the first company I have raised money for left me on ice. I have always invested in experience, and this mindset brought me money, opportunities, friends, companies, trips and everything one could ever dream of :) Really, I wish such happiness for everyone! :D Talking about my future, in 10 years I see myself as a dad and a husband with the main life project of a family on the track:) According to my Impossible list (visit my profile to learn more about wtf is The Impossible List :D) by that time I should already have a solid exit from the startup I’m working with, running my own consulting company on the side, and preparing to start my dream of growing a vineyard 😊 So the open secret of my professional career - always learn, work and do things that brings you best experiences, everything else will come along and you will live a life-long adventure :) (Hopefully that doesn’t sound too cheesy :D) . What were you drivers that led your professional career to where it is now? 😉

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Antanas Bernatonis on Designing the impossible ListHead of Business Development @Montonio |Fintech|POS|B2BSales|BD2 months ago
🚀Yesterday we had an opportunity to see the start of new era of spacw flights! 🌐Today SpaceX Crew Dragon will dock to international space station, and SpaceX as always has something to offer for us: Docking Simulator game. Very exciting and engaging online version experience of being an astronaut 😄 Have you tried it? 😉
SPACEX - ISS Docking Simulator
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