Antanas Bernatonis on 5 steps to improve your B2B sales processHead of Business Development @Montonio |Fintech|POS|B2BSales|BDabout 2 months ago
🌐 Today EU Parliament confirmed a very important definition of what qualifies as green or sustainable activities to boost the shift toward eco-friendly investments in EU. 🚫It was necessary to do so because of the small and big scale greenwashing activities across various businesses, when they represent themselves as socially responsible and eco-friendly but they are not. This definition will help to optimise the investments to actually meet the targets. ✅Talking about the targets, it is estimated that Europe needs around €260 billion per year in extra investment to achieve its 2030 climate and energy targets, which is a lot! But having in mind European Green Deal and dream of EU free of Carbon Emission by 2050 it might be achievable. 📌 To sum up, Parliament outlines six environmental objectives and allows economic activity to be labelled as environmentally sustainable if it contributes to at least one of the objectives without significantly harming any of the others. Meet the objectives: 🌱 Climate change mitigation (avoiding/reducing greenhouse gas emissions or increasing greenhouse gas removal) 🌱 Climate change adaptation (reducing or preventing adverse impact on current or expected future climate, or the risks of such adverse impact) 🌱 Sustainable use and protection of water and marine resources 🌱 Transition to a circular economy (focusing on the reuse and recycling of resources) 🌱 Pollution prevention and control 🌱 Protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems 💡So, can you call your business environmentally sustainable?
EU defines green investments to boost sustainable finance | News | European Parliament

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Antanas Bernatonis on 5 steps to improve your B2B sales processHead of Business Development @Montonio |Fintech|POS|B2BSales|BD3 months ago
🔹Big news from Facebook: 🔹 FB is introducing Facebook and Instagram Shops to support small businesses! It's huge having in mind the enormous no. of potential buyers in both platforms. For now on it will be possible not only advertise and redirect them to your shop, but immediately call to action and sell by staying on their platform. Taking into count amazing interface and easy to use set up, users are about to experience whole other level of selling, shopping and advertising online in upcoming months!
Introducing Facebook Shops: Helping Small Businesses Sell Online - About Facebook
Antanas Bernatonis on 5 steps to improve your B2B sales processHead of Business Development @Montonio |Fintech|POS|B2BSales|BD18 days ago
🚀Sharing an exciting news with Qoorio community from Montonio as we raise 500k eur in pre-seed funding round to further develop our PoS financing product 🔹As there are quite many VC and private investors from 4 countries that believes in us, what would be your advice on keeping a good relationship with them and using their knowledge and network to achieve our milestones fasfer?
Estonian fintech Montonio raises €500K to compete with the traditional installment credit model

Mangirdas AdomaitisArtificial inteligence, Data science
Great to hear. Congrats Antanas and the team!
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Antanas Bernatonis on 5 steps to improve your B2B sales processHead of Business Development @Montonio |Fintech|POS|B2BSales|BD11 days ago
💡 Today I'm about to become the first Human IPO in Baltic states! 💡 Wait what? Yeah, that's crazy! 🔎 So there is this great startup Human IPO which is seeking to redefine human value by allowing people to invest to individuals they believe in! 📊 Just like in the normal IPO's, this means that now you will be able to #invest, #trade, and #earn from my shares (Which are backed by #time) as well as redeem the time you bought and use my knowledge for your business, ideas, personal life or whatever else :) 🚀 As I personally won't earn almost nothing from this and I do not seek to become next Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk, my goal of becoming first publicly traded person in Baltics and allowing the market to define the value of my time is to rather get attention to this startup and idea that they are bringing, as there are so many talented and promising people in Baltic States that I myself would love to invest to! ⏳ For now I'm releasing only 20 hours of my time at the price as low as 13$, and anybody will be able to buy it starting 5PM LT (GMT +3) time today. You will find the link to my profile in the comment section, also follow Human IPO and recommend it to the people you believe in! Let's begin to redefine the human value 😉

Antanas BernatonisHead of Business Development @Montonio |Fintech|POS|B2BSales|BD
Update no. 2 Price is up 661% 🚀
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Antanas Bernatonis on 5 steps to improve your B2B sales processHead of Business Development @Montonio |Fintech|POS|B2BSales|BD8 days ago
Have you ever listened to a podcast where one of the talkers is broadcasting from his van somewhere in the fields of Lithuania? 😄 If not it's definitely worth to take a look at Redefining Human Value podcast where me, David Wing (CEO at EduFlow), and Vlas Lezin (COO at Silicon Valley Innovation Center) are talking about role of mentorship for entrepreneurs 🤓 $ANTBER today trading at +661.64%
Redefining Human Value: Role of mentorship for entrepreneurs
Antanas Bernatonis on 5 steps to improve your B2B sales processHead of Business Development @Montonio |Fintech|POS|B2BSales|BDabout 1 month ago
📌 Imagine yourself on another beautiful day, sitting in front of a pool, drinking carrot juice and enjoying sun baths, when all of a sudden - boom, you loose 7 billion $. 🎈In the past days Mark Zuckerberg was feeling something like that, when “Stop hate for profit” movement caused Facebook market value fall by more than 8% and Zuckerberg net worth shrunk by 7.2 billion$. 🚫“Stop hate for profit” started when some companies have joined a boycott of Facebook after critics accused the social network of inadequately policing hateful and misleading content on its platform. 💡List of companies that stopped advertising on social network includes such names as Starbucs, Microsoft, Coca- Cola, Upwork, Ford Motor etc. with more companies to join when the movement will go global. 🥉Moreover, this also move Zuckerberg one rank down from the top 3 gang leaving him behind Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Bernard Arnault.��So if you’re having a bad day, imagine what a shame Mark is feeling now being in the fourth position with just 82.3 billion valuation ;)

Antanas BernatonisHead of Business Development @Montonio |Fintech|POS|B2BSales|BD
Dominykas Rimša, great example! But let's not forget the rest of the story, a month or so ago Twitter banned couple of Trump posts. It might be that it was in order to get even more attention from the media, but it also shows that soc. media platforms can adress issues and do something about it and still get paid ;) However, unless there will be some alternative, I believe majority of the companies will come back to advertise on FB after a while even if FB won't do anything about the hate speech. Here is a list of companies that joined the movement, you can see that most of them stopped ads just for month or two:
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Agne Nainyte on Problem Solving Rock StarDigital Transformation | Process Excellence | Women Empowerment16 days ago
With the recent developments of artificial intelligence (AI) adoption, more and more people started to worry about the future of their jobs. While the future of work will certainly change, I believe we don’t need to worry as we will always need humans. Humans who are capable to work together with machines and have strong problem solving skills. 👉 Check out my blog post on “5 steps to become a problem solving rockstar in the digital era”. I am interested to hear your experiences with problem solving. Any tips & tricks or handy 🛠 you use?
5 Steps to Become a Problem Solving Rockstar in the digital era
Kotryna Kurt on Sales and Social SellingPersonal Branding / LinkedIn Ads & Marketingabout 2 months ago
If I would be a small/ midsize company or a startup and would want to spend some time and money on LinkedIn, this would be what I would do: 1. Optimize Sales people profiles 2. Optimize Company page profile 3. Create 4 content pieces per month on the company page 4. Activate sales people - employee branding 5. Connect with 5 relevant peole per day with a personal message 6. Engage with potential client content 20 min per day 7. Create at least 4 personal posts per month 🎯 The overall goal for doing these things would be to increase your brand awareness and gain new clients. Some companies use some of these steps, some use all. One thing for sure, this might require more effort in the beginning but within time this is a less costly strategy. Are you paying attention to some of these points? What is your experience with social selling on LinkedIn?

Kotryna KurtPersonal Branding / LinkedIn Ads & Marketing
Justas, I think I was thinking about it from a different perspective. Now that you put it like that, I agree. I was more thinking about the overall accumulated activities. 😌🙌
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Steven Liew on How to invest your money?Startup investor and advisor3 months ago
The second worst excuse for not actively investing your money is “I dont know how.” And the worst? “I don’t have time.” Why would any sane person not spend a bit of time to learn about investing? All of us want a passive income! All of us want to retire early! But to really live the YOLO lifestyle, you need to have some money at your disposal. Depending on your tolerance for risks, there are plenty of things in which to invest - from unit trusts, equities to real estates or cryptocurrencies. Key is to start small, fail fast, learn fast and continue investing.

Steven LiewStartup investor and advisor
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Andrew Lim Mao Tung on How to find your passion.Windows System Admin with a passion to motivate and likes Technology.
Edited 28 days ago
I used to like to envy people, and like to compare, why do people so rich, has nice dress, car, or have a big family, only to find out the price of having them: Goal. Price Credit Card. Debt Good paycheck. Health issues Family. Being looked down Relationships. Being used High Education. Debt Then one day, God took away my ability to walk, i got an accident, i was unable to walk for 4 months, in the hospital i think to myself, when i was able to walk there are so much things i could do. Now i have learned to appreciate myself more and not to compare, be grateful of what we have, and take responsibility for our life. People just care of their needs, once they cannot see any value in you, they will leave you. Be wise not to take the blame in other people's mistakes. Refer Maslow Pyramid. Transcend by Scott Barry Kaufman on Blinkist. Blinkist offers the best knowledge from nonfiction in powerful, memorable packs. So be smart, not to lose out, and have a constant learning, update and adapt to new technology and things. So that you are not left behind.

Thomas DesimpelAngel Investor, Polyglot, Real Estate Investor
Thanks for sharing this insight. As an avid reader I didn't know about Blinki but will sure start to use it👌👍👍👍
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Andrew Lim Mao Tung on Being tolerance to your partner.Windows System Admin with a passion to motivate and likes Technology.3 months ago Being understanding, is the key 🔑, to a long lasting relationship.
How to reduce conflict and build better relationships
Andrew Lim Mao Tung on How to find your passion.Windows System Admin with a passion to motivate and likes Technology.19 days ago
Love what you do.
Andrew Lim Mao Tung on How to find your passion.Windows System Admin with a passion to motivate and likes Technology.about 1 month ago
Got problem, solve problem, and not create problems. Solve it, and get rewarded with opportunity.
Andrew Lim Mao Tung on How to find your passion.Windows System Admin with a passion to motivate and likes Technology.about 1 month ago
Never take revenge on other people, take 100% responsibility on our life.
Andrew Lim Mao Tung on How to find your passion.Windows System Admin with a passion to motivate and likes Technology.3 months ago Free Harvard Universirty Online Courses.
Free Online Courses
Antanas Bernatonis on Stop procrastinatingHead of Business Development @Montonio |Fintech|POS|B2BSales|BDabout 2 months ago
Literally the dark side of space- travel 😄 🚀It's a shame that in 60 yeas of space odyssey humans have created amazing technological achievements to significantly reduce the cost of space - travelling, but have not found any better idea than a "poop-bag" for astronauts to poop 🎈 Luckily, Nasa finally understood the enourmous psychological impact of this process for astronauts and now is calling innovators for help 😉
NASA is offering up to $20,000 to anyone who can design a better space toilet for astronauts sent to the moon
Build your personal brand using the 7Vs: The 7Vs is a framework I established to help leaders and professionals find their voice and clarity. To build a trustworthy brand you need: 1. vision: what’s your why? 2. values: what do you care about? 3. volks: as in folks, who are you serving? 4. voice: what messages do you want to amplify? 5. visuals: like my 🍗, how do you become memorable? 6. validation: measure your success. 7. victory: how do you monetise your influence and expertise? Read more at:
How to Build a Resilient Personal Brand – The Trusted Voice Blog
Justas Janauskas asked me: "Mangirdai, I would love to ask you a question and you to answer it publicly. Can you explain in simple words what GPT3 is, how it works, who can use it, and what can be done with it?” My answer: GPT-3 was released in the beginning of June by OpenAI. It is an invite only API. GPT-3 is one of the most hyped tech in recent years. My opinion it is overhyped by new startups trying to use the hype for product launch or money raising. Let’s dig deeper. GPT-3 is transformer based language model. It is a successor to GPT-2 and GPT-1. Transformers type neural networks are an ongoing1 trend demonstrating better performance. GPT-3 idea is simple - it is trained to correctly predict the next word in a sentence. Model could be adapted to other tasks as well. GPT-3 works with text. It can answer questions, generate articles. Even translate text terminal commands or generate code(although such demos should be taken with the grant of salt). GPT-3 real innovation is its ability to adapt to new(unseen) tasks. Good results or sometimes state-of-the-art results could be achieved showing only 16-32 new task examples. This is important - training neural networks from zero is very hard. GPT-3 API lowers the barrier for product development by small startups. Unfortunate model is not open source and available as an invite only API(API will be paid going further). On the other hand similar results could be achieved with GPT-2/BERT/other models with custom training. Some good reviews so far:
GPT-3: Careful First Impressions

Thomas DesimpelAngel Investor, Polyglot, Real Estate Investor
Thanks for sharing Mangirdas Adomaitis I learned something new and interesting 👌
Congrats to Rasa team, which just raised $26mln series B to continue building open source company. I used Rasa framework to build chatbots. Rasa is open source and free of charge for commercial use. I want to discuss investments in open source. A16Z is not doing charity here: 1️⃣ Just 12 months ago Rasa raised $13mln from Accel. 2️⃣ Rasa annual recurring revenue increased 3x in last 12months. 3️⃣ Downloads grew 6 fold in last 14 months. 4️⃣ Some customers: Adobe, Deutsche Telekom, BMW, Airbus Companies building open source earn money from consulting work. Later they might make paid service with advanced features(security, versioning, etc) for corporate clients. Seems to be long-term play. In retrospective, Rasa could have build closed-source SaaS business. ► Why go with open source while end-goal is still profit? ► Does anyone know more financially successful businesses going open source from day one?
TechCrunch is now a part of Verizon Media

Danielius VisockasSoftware Engineer @ Qoorio; Burger geek; Sound processing
Prisma @ is a similar example. It's cool to see open source businesses growing !
GPT-3 paper from OpenAI is live. I really appreciate Open AI work, but feel somewhat disappointed.. ► Increasing number of parameters is technical challenge. But without new approaches - it boils down to server resources and money. GPT-3 has 175 billion parameters, 10x compared to GPT-2. Cost estimates are $7-12 million dollars to train the model! Cost is mind blowing. ► Collected more data is not a research problem. ► No open source model or code again?? Paper: Github repo:
Language Models are Few-Shot Learners
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