First Human IPO in the Baltics
Vilnius, Lithuania

🔹Head of BD @ Montonio (Fintech) 
🔹Founder @ Coropportunity
🔹Folk Enthusiast

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🔹Former President and Co-Founder @ Turing Students - Vilnius (Tech Education)
🔹Former Head of BD @ NectarSun (Renewables) 
🔹Former Sales manager at Saulės Grąža (Renewables) I
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100% donated to Renkuosi mokyti
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Improving B2B sales process
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Lina Linkeviciute4 months ago
It was a nice mutual exchange. I got all necessary information about Human IPO concept and how people can invest in time with exceptional humans. Who knows, maybe by investing in Antanas today you can get a million later in this decade :)
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CEO of $36B fintech startup Stripe - Patrick Collison - listed most ambitious projects that were done fastest. The list includes crazy projects such as: THE PENTAGON: The construction of the world's largest office building took only 491 days. When asked when something was needed, project lead Brehon Somervell's response was "the day before yesterday". DISNEYLAND: From 1st shovel to 1st ticket, the construction of “The Happiest Place on Earth” took just 366 days to complete. IPOD: Steve Jobs hired Tony Fadell to create the iPod in late January 2001. Shipment of the first production iPod to customers took place in November 2001, around 290 days after getting started. Is there a secret sauce of ambitious projects getting done fast? You can find full list in comments 👇🏻

Antanas Bernatonis on Stop procrastinatingFirst Human IPO in the BalticsSome time ago
I’ve started doing 100 push-up’s every day. I recognised that I have this bad habit to open FB or IG when I get overwhelmed. My work stops, I get interrupted and you can imagine that productivity drops quite a lot by such interruptions. So I’ve found and install this chrome extension create by David Lo Dico, which helps me to stay away from distracting websites and instead redirects me to where I actually want to go (For ex. from to The Hustle) In addition, every time I get redirected I go and do 10-30 push-ups, which sums in total of around 100 push-ups per day ✅ Not only seeing less trash, but also getting fit with this 😉 Try it out yourselves 👇🏻
FocusFox - Get redirected to where you need to go | Product Hunt

Antanas Bernatonis on Designing the impossible ListFirst Human IPO in the BalticsSome time ago
⏰ I’ve always dreamed of picking up a one-way ticket and taking a few days off and just flying somewhere indefinitely. But I kept thinking, maybe sometime later, maybe not now. 📈Last week, seeing the exponentially growing numbers of Covid and approaching the announcement of quarantine, I thought to myself, why not now? ✅The ticket was bought on Tuesday, after 6 days I was already sitting on the plane. This year, Antanas will spend the winter in Azores :) We all work remotely, the only question is how far remotely. Life can be surprising and put thing together like you didn’t expect at all, and opportunities await everywhere. 🚀


Lina LinkeviciuteTheatre Director [email protected] Paintings/Luxury Business Professional
Bravo Antanas !!! Amazing Place !!!!
Antanas Bernatonis on Landing your first real jobFirst Human IPO in the BalticsSome time ago
World Economic Forum released The Future of Jobs report and gives an overview of what is in front of us in the labour markets 📈 🖥 Trends are obvious - digitalisation and automation that comes together with huge demand of up-skilling employees to connect technologies with human capital. 💡 What is exciting is how to indicate and target upcoming obstacles and issues that also presents an opportunity for new business models and enterprises to come in to the market and tackle those problems with creative solutions. Full report in comments 👇🏻
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Alex HaberfellnerCreative
Thanks that great advice.
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Antanas Bernatonis on 5 steps to improve your B2B sales processFirst Human IPO in the BalticsSome time ago
See you at LOGIN Game Changers venue where I will be talking about the value of human capital, how to invest in people you believe in, and how to benefit from their success 😉


Rėjus Senkevičius
No thank you.
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