Writer & Food Critic
Vilnius, Lithuania

Author of eight bestselling books (travel, food and human habits), a columnist and a food and fragrance critic. Having spent 17 years in UK with the BBC, and an extensive travel worldwide, I now divide my time between Vilnius and Los Angeles, California.

Life is not about who has most options - we all have more than we need - but about who makes the best choices. Choosing right is the most valuable commodity.

The areas that people want my opinion most:
1. Travel - cities, countries and places to eat. Booking AirBnB, hotels, rental cars. Routes and itineraries.
2. Anything and everything about Los Angeles and Southern California.
3. Where to eat.
4. Relationship and situation advice: asshole coworker, problematic parents, toxic siblings. I am not a therapist but I give my view and suggest how you should proceed further with a professional.
5. Writing and getting published.
6. How to fly your pet with you internationally.
7. Choosing fragrances and loving what you choose.
8. Beyond CV and job interview: getting the job you want because it is going to fit you and you will enjoy doing it.
9. Living your own life and seeing what is best for you. You take control of everything.
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Vlada Dapkosover 1 year ago
Andrius has provided me with the much needed insights on the topic which was important to me. He has provided personalized approach towards me and the topic I was interested in. It was a great experience.
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