Product manager and designer
London, UK
Software product manager (with a background in design and communications).

Passionate about systems that work for people.

I believe in designing thoughtful interventions, with a bias towards learning rather than mindless action.

Some hats I wear/have worn:

• Facilitator of team decision-making

• Designer of websites and mobile apps

• Researcher of human-computer interactions

• Self-taught coder: Fluent in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Some basic Python and SQL.

Things I strive to be:

Heart of a founder, eye of a designer, head of an engineer, tongue of a diplomat, soul of an economist, voice of the customer

Yes to: continuous improvement, continuous learning, solving wicked problems, humility, empathy

No to: stirring the pot, vanity metrics, success theater, lipstick on a pig, analysis paralysis

What I’m curious about:

• Collective decision making at scale

• Global inclusion and liberty

• Tools for systems thinking

• Making computer programming more expressive and easier to learn (beyond one-dimensional text files)

• Trust-minimized distributed governance
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