Air ventilation, heating and conditioning. Environmental engineer, mgr.
Vilnius, Lithuania
Fast growing ambitious modern organization. General activities are concentrated on real solutions for customers supplying air ventilation, conditioning, heating and cooling equipment and accessories from leading world producers. Our human resources gained rich experience working on Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Russian and Belarus markets.
We supply equipment from “door to door” to Your object
We use certificated equipment selection programs
We offer consultations, designing and start-up works
We divide application areas integrating HVAC solutions from residential, commercial, marine, sports, HoReCa, healthцаре and pharmaceutical up to industrial and high-technology segments. Introducing the best ideas of Life Cycle Costs (LCC) assessments not only for investors, developers, contractors, subcontractors, architects, designers, but also according the end-users’ expectations.
Mission – to select the best choice to guarantee your indoor comfort
Vision – to grow and realize in “hand in hand” with the world leading providers of GreenBuilding solutions
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HVAC house design engineering
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