Inspirational Pharmacy Career Coach/Mentor/Founder of Empowerceuticals
Birmingham, UK
I'm a firm believer in the value a coach or mentor can bring to your life. They aren't the same and its important to understand the differences. A mentor shares their direct experience with you, and is already at the stage you aspire to reach. A coach focuses on you as a person, how you need to grow, fears you need to overcome, clarifies your goals, and helps you figure out your path from A to B.

Having both a coach and mentor can be a deadly combination.

Once I found my coach/mentor, I reached my goals quicker than I would have done had I continued on my own. You still need to put in the groundwork, but shortcuts are always nice.

I'm immensely grateful for coaches/mentors, but I feel there aren't enough around in the pharmacy world. That's why I founded Empowerceuticals. I want to see more pharmacists empowering themselves and working within roles that align with who they are.

I believe everyone should have access to a coach/mentor, because no matter how difficult the road might be...someone has already travelled it, and can light the way for you.

Please see below a brief summary of my pharmacy journey to date:

Uni -->Pre-reg --> Community --> Hospital --> Clinical Informatics --> Independant Prescriber -->GP Surgery

Yes, I've explored a few sectors.

I realised that there are certain things we aren't taught at University.

-Overcoming fear
-Developing a 'growth' mindset
-Facing rejection
-Developing discipline
-Self actualisation

What has allowed me to re-invent myself during the years, was not just the number of jobs I applied to. It was the skill sets above that I developed along the way.

Over the years, I also developed a passion. It started out as an idea, and then a hobby. When I realised how fulfilling it was to help pharmacists face the very same challenges as I had..I made it my purpose.

Empowerceuticals is about EMPOWERING Pharmacists.
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