HR 🏄 Wakeboard, 0W'er 🌲, Dogkeeper 🐕, BBQ, Psychologist, Architect 🏠
Vilnius, Lithuania

I love people and being with people. That's why Im at HR and Recruitment for 5 years. So I can help if you are looking for a job or just looking for a direction to study and having questions "who am i?" :) Also we could have a nice and fun wakeboarding sesion (i could even borrow my wakeboard if needed). Also Im a becoming 0W (zerowaster) so if you need an advice or recommendation for shopping - Im here to help! I also could share simple advice on architecture, recommendations for responsible helpers, home security or materials. I could also talk for hours about dogs... So if you have one, or looking for one, we could have a ride with bicycles or just walk in a park, and i could show you some tricks and share some information. Lets catch up!
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