YouTube Consultant, Property Investor/Developer, Music Label Owner
London, UK

YouTube Consultant, Property Developer & Investor, Digital Marketer, Legal Advisor. I am passionately curious about numerous topics, below is a brief summary!

🎥 YouTube 🎬
I have been involved in the YouTube space since 2012 from a creator and business aspect. The various ventures include...

Establishing a multi-channel-network (MCN) that assisted video creators in making a high income to support their endeavours and to understand their commercial opportunities when growing an audience.

Assisting video creators with fanbases upwards of 26 million subscribers with copyright disputes and legal issues when their channel was on the brink of closure. I have re-activated many channels that were closed by YouTube which has meant millions of fans have been able to continue enjoying their favourite creators.

🎧 Music 🎵
Owning a record label propelling musicians to mainstream where they have became signed to Top 10 labels and achieved no1 hits. My record label was one of the first to also provides video creators with copyright free music for their video content without monetisation or legal disputes.

🏡 Property Development & Investment 🏗
I have been involved in the property industry since 2014 and aim to change the majority’s view on how we can deliver the supply of housing required without further negatively impacting our countryside. Currently in the UK, we disrespect land and need to rethink how we utilise space for different uses from commercial, residential, industrial etc. Examples, open car park next to a tube station, single storey supermarket in city locations, large brand new warehouses on agricultural land...

My current projects include:

High end house shares in London catering for the young working professional market.

New build developments on previously developed land commonly known as ‘brownfield sites’. These are all located within walking distance of train stations.
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