Clinical Psychologist, Child & Family Consultant
Vilnius, Lithuania
I am a clinical psychologist working with children and families. My professional path started in the University of Hertfordshire where I have finished my bachelor's degree and gained first experiences in the field of disorders. I was then trained to perform Applied Behaviour Analysis techniques and had a chance to apply the intervention in the work with children who have autism spectrum disorders. With the success in my early experiences I developed further interest in the work with disorders and disabilities. With an aim to explore the topic further I have volunteered in a mental health setting in Sri Lanka, worked in a special school in Lithuania, participated in a variety of conferences taking place in the United Kingdom, Norway, Finland, France and India, contributed and managed the projects involving colleagues from Norway, Finland, Spain and Italy. I have recently finished my Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and became a consulting psychologist in Children Support Centre. I feel that the experience I gained so far has provided me with a knowledge and innovative thinking that I am ready to share with the others.
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Reviews from humans who have met with Akvilina
Indrė Kavolėlė
about 1 year ago
Aciu uz naudinga susitikima, patarimus ir pagalba! Buvo lengva ir labai malonu bendrauti 🙂
Oksana Voitechovič
over 1 year ago
Nice conversation and wonderful person.
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