Graphic - Branding Designer / In Love With Surfing
I’m graphic designer who has worked in different fields through out the career, now focusing on branding & visual identity. Also, packaging design is still one of my interests.

More visuals:

At the moment working as a Freelance Graphic Designer and Art Director in Qoorio.

Besides spending a lot of time in a visual world, I’m nuts about surfing & football.

Daily things:
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PawCreated with Sketch.
50% donated to Penkta koja, VšĮ
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1 h

Branding consultancy over a cup of coffee
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30 min

Let’s talk about branding over a pint of beer
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30 min

Quick chat about one of my topics?
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1 h

Let’s talk about surfing over lunch
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1 h

Let’s go surf together?
Reviews from humans who have met with Aivaras
Ignas Blažys
over 1 year ago
Labai geras pokalbis, likau su atsakytais klausimais ir gerai praleistu laiku.
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