Tips on: Financial Freedom, Entrepreneurship & Travelling
Vilnius, Lithuania
- Have lived, worked and studied in 6 different countries for the past 7 years 🌍

- Working at family’s company: Auto Moto Parkas 🏁 #MonsterTruck #BMWrally #F-Race200

- Interested in Real Estate & Investments

Have degrees in:
- IB (International Baccalaureate)
- International Sales and Marketing Management 👛
- Service, Hospitality & Tourism Management 🏖
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Talk options
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PawCreated with Sketch.
5% donated to Penkta koja, VšĮ
GlobeCreated with Sketch.
45 min

Ask me anything about travelling/living abroad
CupCreated with Sketch.
45 min

Ask me anything about financial freedom/business
HouseCreated with Sketch.
30 min

Networking - let’s get to know each other
Dog faceCreated with Sketch.
30 min

Walk my wolves (two German shepards) with me
CarCreated with Sketch.
30 min

Go on a ride with me with a sport BMW car at AMP
CarCreated with Sketch.
45 min

Drive a rally car at Auto Moto Parkas
CarCreated with Sketch.
30 min

Drive the Monster Truck at Auto Moto Parkas
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2 h

Extreme Sport Car Driving lesson
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4 h

Day Tour around the South of Lithuania for 4 ppl
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