Creative Director, Happiness Manager & Type 1 diabetic
Vilnius, Lithuania
Given the fact that colours, textures and other visual elements have had a vast impact on me ever since I was a little girl, it comes as no wonder that my professional path has taken me down the road of visual communication.

Having graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts with a major in Graphic Design, I've spent majority of my working life combining my liking for art, design & education, which has manifested in such positions as an art director / visual strategist & a freelance set designer as well as a lecturer. To approach the latter in a more structured and informed way, I've recently graduated from Vilnius University with a degree in Education. Currently, I'm sharing my visual communication & identity expertise not only with bright students, but also with brand & marketing managers, in the shape of private workshops and courses,

I've also always had a creative itch to share those visual learnings, findings & lessons with like-minded people, which I happened to do through several self-founded platforms, such as: 5/5 Junior (Penketai) - visual culture movement of creative people in Vilnius, which I've co-founded with a few of my peers, as well as Gyvenimo dalykai + Dalykai - a lifestyle blog, where I share all things that bring me pleasure along with tips and tricks of how to achieve those things yourself in the simplest of manners.
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