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Vilnius, Lithuania

I read a lot. Started with adventure and science fiction as a kid, gone through the classics in early teens, then went through a "fuck the system and everything is fucked" phase (your voneguts, your salingers, your buchowskis and the like), and now read more professional literature than I would like, biographies, and anything that sparks my interest at the moment (impulse reading, I guess). Between audiobooks, ebooks and regular ones, I try to consume at least 30-40 books per year. Currently reading titles range from "The Selfish Gene" to "Fashion and Philosophy" and "Creativity,Inc"


I never wanted to work for somebody or on someone else's terms, and so far have managed to balance my career path so that I would have much more employees to manage than managers to report to. Went through the freelance stage when it wasn't that popular, founded a company when the market was the worst for that, and still run it together with my partner Arijus and a team of crazy talented people that I watched grow from totally inexperienced and clueless (in some cases) to much more knowledgeable than myself.


Probably the most important topic, right? You can earn as much as possible, achieve multiple successes, but if your kid doesn't recognise you when you come home - was it really worth it? Trying to balance being a good leader and colleague to my people at work and being a good husband and father at home is my latest personal challenge. I wouldn't say I'm rocking it, but my wife says that progress is visible.
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