Contemporary dance performer & choreographer
Vilnius, Lithuania
I can share:

🤸‍♀️dance class (contemporary dance technique, improvisation)
☄️brainstorming ideas together (for new performance or event)
🎉perform for your event
🔭help to open your own artistic company

I am dancing already more then 20years. I have started with well know Lithuanian choreographer Aira Nagineviciute, after I was dancer of Kaunas dance theatre AURA. I have finished Lithuania music and theatre academy, contemporary dance performing (BA) and choreography (MA) specialization. For the moment I am freelance creator and performer, working in Low Air dance company, Airos dance company, National Opera and ballet theatre. Also I am creating by myself, mostly on my own company “Be kompanijos” which has fictional characters project B&B (check IG
I am using my body as a instrument and I honestly think that choreography is way of thinking, which can guide threw many different pathways.

IG @superagniete
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Dance class
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30 min

Ask me anything over a cup of coffee
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Brainstorming ideas

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