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Rotterdam, Netherlands
Agne - Proud Lithuanian currently living in The Netherlands! I am super passionate about problem solving by using LEAN tools and methodologies, while these days getting more and more excited about driving digital transformations for legacy companies.

My career was always in corporate transformation programs. In the beginning I had the huge pleasure to learn LEAN from world-class gurus at Philips, which helped me later to get a fast and exciting promotion at another company - Maersk. There I had a great opportunity to shape a new department and team to drive business transformation projects within the shipping giant.

Most recently I was faced with a "millennial crisis" when I decided to quit my corporate job at Maersk and pursue volunteering with women in rural Uganda. You can check my stories from Uganda at I also share more of my thoughts and knowledge on business there too.

Currently I am working for a cool Dutch tech company with a weird name - Schuberg Philis, but with a very cosy and cool culture. I was hired there to build consultancy capabilities in a traditionally known IT company and drive digital transformation programs for our clients.

If you are interested to learn about LEAN process optimization methodologies or consulting in general, reach out! On top of that I could be a good sparring partner if you are struggling to find your next step in your career or need some encouragement to pursue your passion.
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Agne Nainyte on Problem Solving Rock StarDigital Transformation | Process Excellence | Women Empowerment1 day ago
What a great story how Jeff Bezos used a #l5Whys technique to find the root cause of a problem. A few pitfalls I have experienced when using 5WHYs in problem solving process: ❌ Start asking WHY too early. 5 whys is effective when we already have a well scoped problem by e.g. using Pareto charts. ❌ Stop with WHY question too early. Tip: usually you know that you found a true rootcause when you can make an action. ❌ Forget to include gemba (actual place where value is created) evidence at each WHY step. This is crucial to show that you don’t rely on assumptions. Most importantly, remember to ask WHY instead of WHO. We cannot ever blame people, it is usually the process to be addressed.
Watch Jeff Bezos Use the 5 Whys Technique To Find Root Causes

Thomas DesimpelAngel Investor, Polyglot, Real Estate Investor
Thanks for sharing. The story of Jeff Bezos analysing and using the 5 WHYs to find out about that minor accident and eliminating it is really inspiring and also a great example of leading by example. 👌👍☀️
Agne Nainyte on Problem Solving Rock StarDigital Transformation | Process Excellence | Women Empowerment5 days ago
I don’t know how about you, but I love funny acronyms which have a double meaning. My long time favorite was always and probably will still stay ELMO - Enough Let’s Move On. But! I just found a new one which I am going to use together with Elmo! HiPPO 🦛 - Highest Paid Person’s Opinion. Be aware of them because they are not only dangerous animals in the wild, but also in business environments. You don't want that your decision making to be too much influenced by a HiPPO rather than by data and facts. What are your favorite acronyms?

Agne NainyteDigital Transformation | Process Excellence | Women Empowerment
Thanks Justas for sharing it so openly your personal experience! Really appreciated. And I love your addition of KISS!
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