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My name is Aerin, I’m 21 winters young and currently based in little Belgium. I’m here to share my voice, and inspire and empower you to find yours, too. Grab yourself some fuzzy blankets, cups of positivitea and get ready for take-off...
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Aerin Thijs on Let’s Use Our VoicesWriter | Editor-Proofreader15 days ago
When it comes to these issues, and many others, people tend to hide behind ‘it’s too far-reaching, I’d never be able to do anything about it as an individual.’ This simply isn’t true. There’s so much within our power, so much room for change, to change this ongoing narrative. Raising awareness is priority, and little actions truly could make the difference. As human beings, we consume about five grams of microplastics, over the course of one week. Turtles, fish, and other living beings die in a matter of moments after having consumed toxins coming along with plastics in the ocean. For each and every individual, there’s 25kg of plastic in the ocean, and each and every hour, this gets worse by the equivalent of 10 olympic pools. Doesn’t this make you sad? Angry? Dissapointed in our ignorance? Let’s use our voices and let’s start building some massive awareness. Together, we’ve got the power to let our planet thrive, again. It’s our one and only home. So are our bodies.
I hold onto the tiniest of sparkles of joy, even if it’s just the softening of my breathing. I remind myself I’m alive, I’m here and I’m allowed to. I remind myself to tackle all this stepping stone by stepping stone, for tomorrow is and will always be a new day, filled with another set of motions. I choose to cultivate curiosity, at all times. Am I coming back from this? I feel positive I am. Being gentle with myself throughout it all, really is key.

Marc Williams286 Hitchin Road Lu2 OEU
“Some people talk about others, some about events and actualities, whilst others talk about ideas. As for you, you’re a genius.” As he was telling me all this, my response came quite naturally: “I’m no genius, at all.” His words were nothing more and nothing less than a lovers’ language. Then, he told me the following: “not many people have got what you have. A distinct, undeniable passion and talent.” I let these words all time and space to sink in, deeply. He was absolutely right. Why am I searching any further whilst the answer has always been there, right in front of me, to grab? The fact I do have a passion as burning, is something I’ll never take for granted.
Lately, when being on the buying-side of business, I realized something of profound impact regarding Digital Marketing - many businesses, selling clothes, are now labeling their products in ways to spark specific interests, actively associating to our current era of self-help, plant-based nutrition and other fancy, popular facets to improving oneself. When set to purchase, there’s this underlying believe we’ll become better human beings from this one particular product. Marketing strategies put this to work in many ways, including labeling knits and sweaters’ colors which would otherwise, point-blank, be called ‘beige’, ‘oat’ or ‘oatmeal’. I’m positive this field has been researched upon extensively as of today, however, I’m just speaking from a place of curiosity. I want to learn more about mediapsychology, amongst other fields within Communication Sciences. I’m still a student, and thus I feel like it’s important to state the fact I don’t claim to know anything. I’m not an expert. What are your thoughts on this? How are you cultivating more awareness regarding marketing and its way to impact our day-to-day purchases?
What’s your writer’s metaphor? Writing, for me, is like playing the piano. My head nods and sways, my fingers rapidly move across the keyboard/curl my pen smoothly onto paper, all in harmony with the melody of the words I’m sharing. It’s like a private concert of words and I’m the conductor. This is my personal writer’s metaphor, I’ve established not too long ago. I was able to figure this out from a certain feeling I always have when writing from the heart. You’ll know when it’s there. And only you will know exactly how to describe this feeling, in your own unique way.
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