Ex-Purser & Life Coach
Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I used to fly for 15 years as Cabin Crew Manager managing teams from different races and nationalities. I was privileged to be able to fly across many countries and explore many cities, but my best of travel experience is always Solo Travel. Being alone and wander in different places has really taught me a lot about how wonderful people are in terms of their culture, mindset and tradition. I have learnt a lot during my voyages and for sure I will do more.

Somewhere along my journey, I have also experienced the bitterness in life. In 2006 I lost my dad due to heart attack. Followed by my baby sister died at age of 6 due to her born heart condition in 2008. In 2014, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and in 2016 I quit my job as Purser and dedicated my time to look after her. While she was unwell, another tragedy stroke when my another baby sister had a pneumonia and eventually went away. 7 months later in 2017, my dearest mother lost her battle over cancer and finally make her way to heaven. Indeed it was devastating but I remained strong.

Currently I am running my own business co-founded with my business partner from UK, focusing on Life Coaching and Mind Wellness program for those who are keen to evolve their mindset as well as helping those who suffers mental health and emotion issues such as phobia, depression and anxiety.

As a hobby, I love making natural organic deodorant which is hand made and artisanal. I adore living in sustainable lifestyle, hence I make my own products for my own use. However my deodorants are now high in demand and now I am selling them at Etsy.

Personally I'm always excited in discussing topics pertaining to the joy of travel, human soft skills 101 and how to apply them + positive mindset in applied psychology and of course, living in basic lifestyle.

Ask me anything related to these topics, I would be honoured to be able to share my thoughts, experiences and ideas.
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