Helping NGOs to grow and create impact like superheroes
Vilnius, Lithuania

I am an expert grant writer with 12 years experience in NGO leaderships.

I am a founder of an NGO which has 2,500 staff. I raised more than 50 million USD of funding.

I am the cofounder and CEO for Portal365: a grant writing and management system for NGOs.
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Adel Salah on Grant Writing for NGOsHelping NGOs to grow and create impact like superheroes
Why you need to learn grant writing? Because you will have the opportunity to work with any NGOs. All NGOs will compete for recruiting you. The grant writers for non-profits /NGOs are like the sales specialists for the manufacturing and software companies. It is a great idea to start learning and practicing it in the best place for grant writing, which is Contact me any time if you are interested 😎👍

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