There are many people affected by COVID-19 outbreak worldwide. Have knowledge and experience in topics relevant right now? Share it and help humans in need!
Share topics you feel could help beat negative outcomes of the quarantine.
Legal advice
Jobs and businesses are affected by quarantine. Legal advice is crucial for their existence.
Psychological help
Help people experiencing stress, negativity and lack of motivation on the daily basis.
Remote work advice
Share your tips and tricks how to manage work from home: remote teams, work-life balance and more.
Career advice
Help people change careers or apply for new jobs.
Spiritual help
Discuss faith, spirituality and existential questions during a deep conversation.
Home exercise advice
Have hacks of staying active at home with no gym equipment? Share ASAP!
Nutrition & cooking
Help those who struggle to come up with quick and healthy lunch ideas while working at home!
Staying healthy
Share your thoughts on how to strike a balance when stuck at home!
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