Book talks, get advice

Book short meetings with people you want to learn from. Build a network of smart humans in every field you care about.

Inspired by learning

Since the beginning of time, humans have learned about life from their close circle of family and friends. We believe that anyone can become a teacher in a global world and share their ideas, insights, and experiences.

Give purpose to scrolling

Humans kill hours on various social networks each day. But what if that time could be used for your personal growth? Embrace your potential by connecting the fun of scrolling through social networks with the power of learning.

Meet & Talk

Arrange a talk and have a personal conversation on any topic with your favorite people. It is the fastest and easiest way to find answers on Qoorio!


We all have something unique to give to the world! Make yourself heard, start valuable discussions, and share your insights on things that you are passionate about.


Dwell into your favorite topics, scroll through a personalized feed, and read useful insights from other users. Make learning fun by controlling who you follow and what content you see.

Humans love learning

That’s what our users think.

Great app to meet new people on topics you are passionate about or need help with. Easy to use app that facilitates deeper connection rather than surface conversations.
Ezra Mitchell
This app is gold for me
Aistė Valaitė
Ann App beyond this century: full of valuable information and great people behind it. Fully trustworthy and never running out of knowledge
Morning Star
Perfect for networking ans finding interesting people for discussions.
Denas Danyla
Very good app. Thank you.
Great app to get to know others from different social bubbles.
Tadas K
Qoorio is slowly becoming one of my favorite social network platforms. Thank you guys. I feel so proud of Lithuanian entrepreneurs.
This app provides a great opportunity to meet professionals in specific area of interest. This helps to learn faster, avoid typical mistakes & naive assumptions and receive great mentorship. On the downside, not everybody replies to the meet requests, even if it’s paid meeting.
Andrius Lithuania
Whatever you’re looking for, from business coaching through arts and crafts advice you can find it here. Nothing beats human experience delivered from the best of the best.
Met some great people with help of this and app definitely delivered on it’s promise. I got information that probably wouldn't be available elsewhere.
Try this app to find people who can help with any topic, not just by reading a blog post but talking to a real person
User friendly app, great to use when YOU need a professional advice.
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